Since I started using SugarSync, I began referring friends, family, and clients, because SugarSync has such a great referral program to earn additional free space. I am up to 15GB of space so far. The one question I am asked most is “what is the difference between SugarSync and Dropbox.” So I thought I would explain some of the differences I have seen since I began using SugarSync.

  • SugarSync Works With Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, or Symbian device.
  • Dropbox Works With Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.
Sugar Sync

Image iPhone SugarSync App

Some major features that SugarSync has over Dropbox is the ability to Backup any folder on your computer,and also select any folder on your computer to sync.

SugarSync is a cloud based storage, sync and online backup up service that is FREE, with 5GB of space. Do you know how many pictures that is? Thousands!!!

SugarSync Offers Monthy plans for those who require more space, with 30GB for 4.99/mo. or 49.99/ Yr and their most popular plan which is 60GB for 9.99 /mo. 99.99/ Year. Those with higher Storage needs should look into the 100 Gb plan which is 14.99/ mo. or $149.99/ yr. or their Biggest plan which is 250gb for 24.99/mo. 249.99/ yr.

What really “EXCITES” me about SugarSync is the free referral program. It works like this, For every friend you refer to SugarSync, they give you BOTH (the referrer and the one who signs up) 500MB of bonus space for every free account (5GB) . If your friend joins a paid plan, you each get a whopping 10GB storage! Basically that means that you can increase your storage by referring others to use their great service.  And there is no limit to how much space you can earn.

 Image iPhone Dropbox App

Drobox is another option for cloud storage. Although its a great service and I use it as well, in the battle of SugarSync vs Dropbox, I am finding that Dropbox lacks some features that SugarSync includes while offering these features at a cheaper price.

Dropbox gives you a Basic account for free which includes 2GB of space. They also offer 2 other plans, a Pro50 which offers 50GB storage at $9.99/mo or Pro100 Plan that gives you 100GB for $19.99/mo.

Drop box has a referral program as well although you get less space per referral and there is a limit.

For every friend who joins and installs Dropbox, you both get 250MB of bonus space (up to a limit of 8GB)! While the maximum for free accounts is 10GB total, paid users can get an additional 16GB added to their plan’s total for Dropbox Pro accounts.

Overall thoughts on comparing SugarSync vs Dropbox

Although, I will continue to use Dropbox, from my experience, SugarSync is the better of the two in terms of Features, Capacity and device support. SugarSync installs a desktop client to your PC/Mac, making the ease of navigation and use simple and seamless.