I would just like to say “thank you, thank you, thank you” to everyone that signed up for SugarSync using the link I provided. I love getting the free bonus storage! I’ve included the link in this post as well, for anyone who would like to sign up after viewing the video. 

I recorded this video showing you how to navigate around the SugarSync file manager. SugarSync file manager is the desktop client that is installed on your computer after signing up and downloading SugarSync. One of the features I like most using SugarSync is the ability to take and upload photos, in one step, from within the app on my iPhone. After taking a photo, it is automatically uploaded to each device, that I have SugarSync installed on. I can then almost immediately begin editing and delegating that photo to its new home. Whether I am sharing  the photo with someone or placing it in a folder within my SugarSync, or I can put it in a folder outside of SugarSync, on either one of my devices. 
SugarSync has a number of various size accounts that you can sign up for. The free account provides you with 5g of free cloud storage as well as various ways to earn bonus storage. The smallest paid plan starts you off with 30g of cloud storage and also various ways to earn bonus storage as well. If you sign up for a SugarSync account using the link I provided, than SugarSync will give you free bonus storage and I will get bonus storage as well. If you sign up for the free plan, you will receive 500mg bonus storage in addition to 5g and if you sign up for the paid plan you will receive 10g bonus storage in addition to 30g that you get with the package. If you think you will later go on to the paid plan after using the free plan for awhile you will not be able to take advantage of the 10g bonus storage. SugarSync will only give away sign up bonus storage one time. I signed up for the free account and my cloud storage is growing as I continue to get referrals. There is no limit on referrals so your space can grow as you do. That is outstanding!!