I started climbing the paperless ladder in 2006. It was a slow climb. I had one foot in and one foot out so to speak. I finally plunged both feet when I purchase my 1st Gen iPad about 4 years ago. When I coach my paperless students, I tell them to start where they are. There is little need to go back and scan every piece of paper you have in your office. I found that I only needed to open my paper filled filing cabinet ONCE in the last 4 years. This past weekend for the second time in 4 years I opened the six foot wide three drawer high filing cabinet in my office and purged all  the paper except important documents like birth certificates and car titles. As the paper came out of the filing cabinet I filled garbage bag after garbage bag, that I was barley able to lift. I started feeling sophisticated by it all. I worried how I would even get rid of it.. I dragged it all to the curb with the trash. I watched the garbage truck pull up to my house on Monday morning.  The garbage men even looked in my dumpster to see why it was so heavy. I was almost scared they wouldn’t take it. Maybe I went over my limit (I don’t think I have a trash limit). I have a new word for myself  “PAPERFOBIC.”

Now that paper is gone, strange as it sounds, I feel physically lighter, younger and healthier.

2014-07-26 11.28.31