Project management is about getting organized and Managing your life.

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This is the last of six modules in the Paperless Office Coaching Series. In this module you will learn all the ins and outs and tips and tricks to managing your projects. Managing your life.  Are you overwhelmed at work and neglecting the other areas of your life? Or is there chaos in your personal life that is effecting your productivity at work. In this module will learn how to balance and give proper attention to all the areas in your life. You will free your mind of all the clutter you try to keep track of and get it all organized in a place that will keep you reminded and informed of your progress. If you are serious about getting organized and getting things done this module is a must. You will learn:

  • Todoist
  • Setting up Orgs
  • Color coding
  • Prioritizing
  • Setting up projects
  • Todoist FireFox Client
  • Todist Gmail Client
  • Todist Desktop Client
  • Creating Context Labels
  • Project Templates
  • Filtering Tasks, By Org, Project, Context, or Priority
  • And More!


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