As many of you know, I use Google for everything from Google Live Forms to Google Voice for making phone calls and everything in between. I can perform almost all my office tasks right from within my FREE Gmail account. I can add events to my calendar, make a call, instant message with other Google+ members, email, add tasks to my list and much more.

Even though I have more than one business and website, each with at least three email addresses, everything comes through and goes out from my Gmail account all with its own logo and unique signatures. The best part…… one that emails me or receives an email from me would ever know they were communicating with me through Google.

Notice my inbox is completely empty!! It only takes a second to either 1. turn and email into a task, 2. file it or 3. trash it. I never have to fish through my inbox for an email that contains important information or requires some action, because it is where it belongs when I need it.

I teach all of this and so much more in the Paperless Coaching Series. If you would like to know more about my completely organized and productive system check out the Paperless Coaching Series.