Hi everyone! How about November backgrounds for our iPad’s and iPhone’s? They are all ready to downoad. I used a turkey theme this month. I hope everyone likes it. I also included November’s day planner sheet for NoteTaker HD (can be used with any iPad app that has the ability to annotate on PDF files).

Has anyone downloaded the NoteTaker HD update? You have the ability to change the color theme and button colors. I love that I can personalize the app to my taste. I am still in the process of producing another NoteTaker HD video. The update came just in time to include some of the new features in the next video.

It is going to be a busy few months with the Holidays approaching so fast. I have some fun ideas for December’s backgrounds. I was also thinking about trying to get the whole year of 2012 day planner sheets, with a few themes to choose from. Any suggestions on themes? Maybe some neutrals? Its great to hear from you all. All your suggestions are great! Maybe I can put some samples up and get your input? I am going to be busy, busy! Have a great week everyone!