Hi everyone!! Are you ready to try the new day planner pages layout and design? If you were able to read the last post, I revealed the new layout and design, with the completed pack called “anna.” They were designed with my good friend Anna in mind. I made them to match her branding. I took all the suggestions made by those of you who contacted me, and the new layout includes more hours slots, more lines for writing notes and three months at a glance calendars (past, present, and future months). After completing “anna” I started a new color palette with the same layout and design called “emily.” This months free download is a sample from “emily.” I hope you like the new layout and design. As usual your feedback is always appreciated. Thanks everyone!!! Enjoy!!

If you don’t want to wait each month for the download, “anna” and “emily” are both available for purchase at a discounted price, since we are now entering the 4th month of the year. The purchased pack will include each month of 2012 that remains, thru December 31, 2012. Each pack includes three designs  (stripes for Jan, Feb, March and April, circles for May, June, July and August, and chevron for Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec) and a separate PDF file for each month. Each PDF file includes a page for each day of that month. These pages can used digitally on your iPad with any app that will allow you to annotate PDF files. I use NoteTaker HD, because of its ability to set up templates to use over and over again, within the app. You can also print a copy to use with traditional pen on paper method. Select “anna”. Select “emily”.

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