In addition to the classic “DAY” layout, two new layouts have been added. “HORIZONTAL” and “VERTICAL” You can start using the new iPlanner today. Both horizontal and vertical iPlanners include bonus months starting with July 2015 all the way through December 2016. No waiting for shipping, you can download and start using the new 2015/2016 iPlanner today in the layout of your choice (2016 iPlanner “DAY” layout coming soon. If you purchase iPlanner “DAY” as of July 2015 you will receive 2016 FREE as soon as it is available).

The iPlanners are totally interactive using my favorite note taking app “Goodnotes.” NOTE: you can use the iPlanner in other note taking apps that support annotation abilities, but the interactive navigation will not work. “Goodnotes” is the only app that I have tested with available support fors interactive ability. Import “iPlanner” into “Goodnote” and simply touch and hold on calendars and tabs to navigate between weeks and months.

I LOVE each layout so much it has been very hard to decide which one I will use. So far I am leaning toward the VERTICAL layout.

Included in the new iPlanner download are over 300 stickers to use on your layouts, ranging from tasks to social media.

I will be posting plan with me pages in the Digitally Speaking Community during the launch. I can’t wait to see all your planners using your favorite layout. Stay tuned for updated YouTube video demonstrating the new iPlanner layouts and stickers.

As many of you may know I design, develop, test and market all my products myself. I am so grateful for all your support and feedback  I receive from everyone. Thank you everyone for all your continued support 💜💙💚💛💟💟💟💟💟.


iPlanner-Week-at-a-Glance iPlanner-Week-at-a-Glance