I am happy to announce that I have found a new solution for online appointments which exactly fits my needs. The new solution is the ScheduleOnce online appointment scheduler and it is now available on my Blog. Notice the FREE 15m Session widget in the lower right corner? What’s nice about this solution is its tight integration with all my Google Calendars and the ability to create multiple MeetMe pages and combine them under BookNow pages. I have looked at many solutions and have not found anyone which is as powerful and flexible as ScheduleOnce. Since I have two businesses this flexibility is key. I have even created a MeetMe page for personal events and appointments also.

Another strong point for ScheduleOnce is its outstanding user interface. It is so nice and clear and I know that my clients will love it.

I highly recommend ScheduleOnce!

Remote sessions are available for anything you need help with that you have seen on my Blog or my YouTube channel.

Use my online scheduling system to choose a convenient time for our session.
You will receive (via email you provided) a link for our remote session. If you request more than a 15m one time FREE session, you will receive an invoice for your session.