Happy May Everyone!! Seems like yesterday it was Christmas. Where is this year going. For me it is getting away fast.

I have something for the guys this month. You have been asking for something without so many swirls and shapes and without all the pastels and pink, so here it is. This new design is clean and simple and a appealing shade of brown. The new pages are called “rj” and May’s pages are free to download. They are also available to purchase the full pack (whats left of the year), at a discount, since we are several months into the year. I have a few more designs in the works and I’ve already started on 2013. I am getting a head start on some of those, so I can have them available in July hopefully. Keep the emails coming, or post your comments here. I am always happy to hear your suggestions also.

Have a great month everyone!!

Download May Day Planner Pages “rj”

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