I am a planner sticker addict!! The great thing about using the iPlanner Digital Planner is 1. Using everything over and over without having to make another purchase and 2. Literally anything can used digitally with your iPlanner. You can make people stickers in any shape too!

I use Keynote for a variety of things…..Most of which it was not created for, but I think way outside the box for most things. Keynote has a very cool feature “Instant Alpha” and it erases anything from your images with just a screen touch. I love collecting stickers this way.

In this video I show you how to use the instant alpha in Keynote to make stickers to use in your iPlanner. I had so much fun doing it, that I collected 100’s. I also show you how to get the stickers to your iPlanner pages and resize them.

I keep my DIY stickers on a page in my iPlanner so I can easily browse and use them.

I would love to see your all your stickers! Please share on your favorite social media spots. Hashtags: #iPlanner, #DigitallySpeaking, #SandyCruz.