iBible Mobile Bible Journaling

Transform the way you engage with Scripture. Learn how to get into the Word, creatively and grow spiritually.  There are no limits! Bible journal from anywhere with only your iPad.

FREE iBible and Bonus Pricing Ending Soon!
FREE iBible and Bonus Pricing Ending Soon!

You’ve tried to bible journal on your iPad in the past. You get off to a good start – but you get stuck, not sure what apps and digital supplies you need. You lose motivation and get stuck feeling frazzled and overwhelmed.

Does any of this sound familiar?

✔ You go back to paper journaling

✔ You are too afraid you will ruin your bible pages

✔ You don’t want to start something new

✔ You’re constantly saying “I don’t know where to start”

Imagine what it would feel like if you knew exactly what to do each day to start bible journaling and growing in your walk exactly where you want it to be.

What if I told you that you could…..

✔ Start mobile bible journaling and growing

✔ Open your mobile bible and begin journaling

✔ Feel a sense of peace and joy as you reflect on God’s word

✔ Learn while enjoying your new creative outlet

✔ Respond to the message through journaling

✔ Create beautiful layouts

You’re ready to get serious about mobile bible journaling, but you don’t know where to begin!
  • “I don’t have time to get through my daily to-do list, how can I ever spend time learning something new?”
  • “There are so many creative iPad apps out there – how do I know which one to choose?”
  • “I’ve tried to get started so many times – why would this time be different?”

I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion whenever you start to learn something new. If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to lose momentum, and never end up implementing real change. Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make progress at all! That’s why I’ve created my simple, step-by-step course, iBible Mobile Bible Journaling

FREE iBible and Bonus Pricing Ending Soon!

Deborah Rene Baker


When I was first introduced to the iBible by Sandy Cruz I was absolutely amazed! I had been journaling in my physical Bible for quite a while, but I was increasingly finding it challenging to keep up with all the supplies needed to do so. In the iBible, the only thing needed is my iPad and iPencil. Learning skills like making your own iBible utilizing your favorite translation in the iBible course was a total game changer! Of course, the skills demonstrated in the course like how to make a mixed media page in your iBible — oh yeah, and no drying time of paint needed on this one — has just been a lot of fun learning and trying out. I love that I can be sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room or in a school gym waiting for a game to start and I can journal in my iBible right there!

Seriously friends, you will NOT be disappointed if you join the iBible course and get started with journaling in your iBible. Oh and one final thought, for those who wanted to journal in a physical Bible but were too nervous about messing up a page. With the iBible, if you just absolutely do not like your first efforts, no worry. Just tap and delete those items and you’ve got a fresh page to start again. It’s a win, win with the iBible!


I can’t recommend Sandy Cruz’s iBible journaling course more highly! I have dabbled a bit in physical Bible journaling but due to time constraints, I don’t get to it nearly as much as I would like! The iBible journaling course showed me how I can Bible journal basically anytime and anywhere!

In addition to the fun of learning new digital techniques that can be applied in many ways beyond Bible journaling, I have found that I am reading my Bible more and that alone has been such a huge blessing to me! I love getting to use Sandy’s iBible to create my very own customized digital Bible where I can choose the particular translation that speaks to me for any verse! Also, I have been doing things like copying artwork from my Bible journaling and pasting it in my digital Bible and taking digital Bible journaling decorative elements and easily changing the color and customizing it to my needs! The sky’s the limit!! 

Getting to know and learn from others in the private FB community has been a huge asset! I love being inspired by seeing what others are working on and enjoy the welcoming and encouraging attitude of fellow classmates. I am looking forward to continuing to grow in my faith and my digital Bible journaling skills along with everyone else in this wonderful group!

Diane Kelly

Jill Lindsey


The iBible Mobile Journaling Course has taught me so much. The Keynote Lessons are GOLD! I have also learned in the lessons about GoodNotes and how to Journal in my iBible. My church gives out our pastors notes on his sermons with beautiful pictures. I upload the pictures to my iBible and decorate. I can quickly add notes, prayers and scripture anywhere. The iBible itself is so beautiful. I have enjoyed learning and making my iBible a beautiful legacy.

With iBible Mobile Bible Journaling, you can:




Meet your teacher! Hi, I’m Sandy Cruz!

since 2012

I’m a graphic designer and I create videos and design digital products for the iPad. That is anything that you can do on your iPad that you used to do on paper.

Twelve years ago I designed a digital planner to help busy individuals find planner peace so they can enjoy planning and taking charge of their schedule. The iPlanners have evolved and are now available in 4 themes and 5 layouts in each theme.

In the last 4 years, I have taken my iProducts to the next level creating stickers and design tools, and today I am ready to share with you the iBible Mobile Bible Journaling Course and the Brand NEW iBible Journaling Bible.

When you join, you’ll get:


  1. Instant + Lifetime Access to the iBible Mobile Bible Journaling Course ($197 VALUE)
  2. Instant + Lifetime Access to the iDesign Keynote Course ($197 VALUE)
  3. Instant + Lifetime Access to the iPlanner Goodnotes Course  ($197 VALUE)
  4. Design Templates and Resources to complete each weekly iBible lesson ($98 VALUE)
  5. Access to our Peer-to-Peer Private Facebook Community ($97 VALUE)
  6. 12 Monthly “MOBILE BIBLE JOURNALING” Q&A sessions ($397 VALUE)
  7. TWO iBible Versions: ONE KJV version and ONE BLANK Version iBible Digital Bible Journal ($39 VALUE)

Total Value $1222

    + these bonuses!!

    BONUS #1:

    iDesign Keynote Course Instant + Lifetime Access

    ($197 VALUE)

    BONUS #2

    iPlanner Goodnotes Course Lifetime Access to 23 lessons dripped out weekly every Thursday

    ($197 VALUE)

    BONUS #3

    Design Templates and Resources to complete each weekly iBible lesson

    ($98 VALUE)

    BONUS #4

    Two versions (KJV & Blank) iBible Digital Bible Journal FAST ACTION BONUS ONLY! Must purchase within 24 hours of Doors Opening.

    ($39 VALUE)

    BONUS #5

    12 Monthly “Mobile Bible Journaling” Q&A sessions

    ($397 VALUE)

    BONUS #6

    Access to our Peer-to-Peer Private Facebook Community

    ($97 VALUE)

    iBible Mobile Digital Bible Journaling
    FREE iBible and Bonus Pricing Ending Soon!