As most of you already know, NT is my absolute favorite app that I use on my iPad. I use this app more than any other on my iPad. I have said this before, if NT were the only app on my iPad, it would still be worth purchasing an iPad. 

As part of my daily routine, I check, and download, any new app updates on my iPad in the App Store. Today was like Christmas! I was so excited when I saw an update for NT. NT was already such a perfect app, but now among so many other new features that have been added to NT, Dan Bricklin has added one new feature that I have been waiting for………….. da…..dada….daaaaa….drum roll “FOLDERS.” I emailed Dan Bricklin some months ago about adding folders to NT, and he was already working on it. 

I couldn’t wait to download the update and begin poking around to see all the new presents in NT. When I get all my new folders set up and my notes neatly organized, within the new folders,  I am going to make a video for you guys. Till then I’ve attached Dan’s video demonstrating all the new NT 6.0 features. 
Stay tuned…..still to come…..August Day Planner page to use in Note Taker HD.