For almost 7 years I have been keeping track of my calendar, tasks and contacts through the use of various technical gadgets and applications. But, the one thing I really miss is the way it feels to write with a pen and paper using a traditional “Day Planner.” When using a traditional “Day Planner,” I had the ability to use different personalized binder covers, color papers, and color pencils, inks with various tips (fine, medium, thick). I could also doodle and highlight. My day planner pages were works of art and pleasing to look at. As silly as it sounds, I always enjoyed sitting down with my day planner and strategically planning future events and projects. As much as I miss my old way of planning, using my artful day planner, there is just no easy way to jive pen and paper with technology. Although there are a few tools and gadgets out there (I have tried several) there is still something missing to bring the two worlds together. This is all changed now, with the iPad and two amazing apps. One is free and the other is a paid app. This awesome paid app set me back a whopping $5.99. I have to say for all its features and flexibilities it is worth far more. This is called NoteTaker HD and you can do a search for it in the app store on your iPad. 

Let me just start with a short list of things I use this app for:
1. Day Planner Pages
2. Client worksheets
3. jpeg collages and mood boards
4. Keeping track of clients window and furnishing measurements
6. Quick Notes
7. Hand written emails (you can email someone straight from the app)
8. Bible Study (I have a digital bible that I can mark up and highlight and keep notes right on the bible pages). 
9. Keeping a daily journal
10. Making quick PDF tutorials 

There is so much more that could be added to this list that is much more detailed. For this post I want to focus on the way I use NoteTaker HD with my “Day Planner” templates I created for this app. 

I love the way it feels to write, and how I can do expressive things with pen and paper that I can’t do on a computer. But as good as pen on paper feels, you sacrifice a lot of versatility when you use it to plan your day. It’s not easily stored, you can’t back it up or search it, and most importantly for me, you can’t track your progress over time.

Note Taker Hd allows you to open PDF documents and add your own typed or handwritten notes to them. I created day planning pages that I can use in Note Taker Hd on my iPad. I use a new page for each day and at the end of the day I email it to my Evernote so if I need to look back I just search for that date in Evernote. 

Let me say that using my day planning pages in Note Taker HD does not take the place of my calendar. The day planning pages work, for me, as a catch all for quick notes, brainstorming, mind mapping, lists and contacts, then I take the information from these pages and create events to my calendar or create new contacts in Google contacts. 
Below is the link to Jan, Feb, March, April, May, and June’s digital planner PDF file. Also, a short 15 min video I made , to show how I use Note Taker HD and Evernote, with the day planner page PDF files.