Today I am going to show you how to set up templates in NT (Note Taker HD).

To do this I am going to use my sticky notes the I  created for NT or any other iPad app that allows you to import and annotate pdf files.

I am also going to show you how to use cloud storage to import your pdf files to NT.

The cloud storage application I am using is called SugarSync. One of the many features in SugarSync is a folder called magic briefcase. You can install SugarSync on all your devices, such as, desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, or android etc. Than any files you drag and drop in SugarSync magic breifcase will sync with all your devices. It does this automatically and this is much easier than emailing large files to yourself back and forth. SugarSync gives you 5g free storage and they have very reasonably priced paid packages, if you find you need more space.  If you use the link on this blog to sign up for SugarSync, in addition to the 5g free you will also get an extra 500mg, and so will I. Also if you sign up for a paid account, you will receive an extra free 10g and I will as well. But you do have to decide up front which package you want, because the bonus storage is a one time opportunity. The extra space really comes in handy for me to store all the free stuff I give away on this blog, so if you plan to try SugarSync please click the link in this blog post to download and install SugarSync. Okay thats all for the SugarSync commercial. Now back to our regularly scheduled program. I hope you enjoy the video tutorial and the stickies I created for you. Please post any questions or comments.