Introducing KEYNOTE Apple's presentation application. Although used by corporations and educators around the world, it is no longer just for the board room anymore.

Keynote makes it easy to create stunning and memorable presentations and comes included with most Apple devices.

With Keynote's powerful tools and iDesign Keynote Shapes, you can create dazzling stickers, scrapbook layouts, bible journaling pages, and so much more.

Use Apple Pencil on your iPad to create illustrations or diagrams that bring your designs to life.

And with real‑time collaboration, your family and friends can work together, whether they’re on Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

Module 1 iPlanner (Goodnotes) Course Introduction
Lesson 1 iPlanner Intro  
Module 2 iPlanner (Goodnotes) Settings
Lesson 1 Document Editing  
Lesson 2 Stylus and Palm Rejection  
Lesson 3 Syncing to iCloud  
Lesson 4 Backing up Goodnotes  
Lesson 5 Email to Goodnotes  
Lesson 6 Search Indexing & Troubleshooting  
Module 3 iPlanner (Goodnotes) Zoom and Marking Tools
Lesson 1 Zoom Tool  
Lesson 2 Pen Tool  
Lesson 3 Eraser Tool  
Lesson 4 Highlighter Tool  
Module 4 iPlanner (Goodnotes) Text and Elements Tools
Lesson 1 Turn on IOS Scribble Feature  
Lesson 2 Text Tool  
Lesson 3 Goodnotes | Elements Tool Intro  
Lesson 4 Elements Tool Views  
Lesson 5 Elements Tool Add Elements and Collections  
Lesson 6 Elements Tool Edit Collections  
Module 5 iPlanner (Goodnotes) Index, Image, and Search Tools
Lesson 1 Index Tool | Thumbnails, Favorites, and Outlines  
Lesson 2 *Update | Favorites (Bookmarks)  
Lesson 3 Image Tool | 3 Ways to Add and Edit Images  
Lesson 4 Presentation Tool  
Lesson 5 Document Search  
Lesson 6 Global Search  
Module 6 iPlanner (Goodnotes) Level Up Notes and Pages
Lesson 1 Two Ways To Undo & Redo  
Lesson 2 Duplicate & Move Pages  
Module 7 iPlanner (Goodnotes) Features
Lesson 1 Flashcard Study Sets  
Lesson 2 Add Audio Recordings to Notebooks  
Lesson 3 Sharing Notebooks  
Lesson 4 Live Collaboration