I am a Graphic Designer, Organizer, Computer Geek, and Instructor/Coach. I love taking on new projects and I am always challenging myself to learn new things.

I’m passionate about helping planners like you plan your year so you can live life on your own terms – and go after the big goals that feel meaningful to you.

In 1999, I established Everything Custom Drapery & Design which was a full-service interior design studio catering to homeowners and designers. Everything Custom specialized in providing quality custom window treatments, soft furnishings bedding, blinds/shades and pillows with outstanding details for the home and business.

During that time I developed a system using technology in my business, my personal life and everything in between. Soon I began to see a need to support others and started teaching my system to large and small groups as well as private consultations.

From 2012 through 2014 I presented my personal productivity system “The Paperless Office,” through WFCP’s online webinars. “The Paperless Office” is a complete iSeries Six e-course, where students come and learn at their own pace on their own schedule. My students each have their own virtual classroom with access to all the course content and resources in a comfortable and personal atmosphere where their progress is monitored and where help and support are available at their fingertips (literally) when needed.

Today I am creating courses and developing products for those using technology with an emphasis on paperless, productivity and organization.

You can find me online on YouTube, FB, Hey Sandy Cruz Blog, trade shows, and live presentations for organizations across the United States.


I live in the beautiful state of Tennessee in a city called Knoxville. I love it here. Every season is absolutely perfect. My Favorite season is fall. I love the way the leaves change colors in the fall.

I have three children my daughter is the oldest and two sons. My daughter is here in Knoxville and my sons live in different states. I have one precious granddaughter who calls me Gigi. I love that. I could listen to her say it all day.


I have a very smart, very sweet pitbull boxer mix whose name is Daphne. She thinks she is human. She sings to music playing, she fluffs her bed at night and has to be covered with a blanket before she goes to sleep and she eats watermelon from a fork. She is big and strong and so darn smart. She knows when I am on the phone or recording a class and tiptoes on the wood floors. As soon as she hears my words saying goodbye or something in closing she goes crazy playing with her toys and running through the house. Yes, she has toys and a lot of them. She goes through my bags when I get home from being out to see if I bought her anything. The house is a disaster with her toys all over the house. She is very well behaved except when I have company.  She respects my things and does not touch them, she never gets on the furniture and I could leave food out on the coffee table and she wouldn’t dream of touching it. I could go on about her all day.

I also love to cook, bake, sew, quilt, garden, and decorate my home.

So, my dog took up the biggest paragraph about me. I will add more in time and maybe even some pictures of some projects I am working on.