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This upcoming week is the perfect time to set or reset your goals in your digital planer for the rest of 2021.

Good morning and happy Sunday iPlanners! In a few days, we will be at the midpoint of 2021. This year is going by so fast for me!

How is everyone doing with their goals for 2021? I want to hear from you. Remember I am listening and it helps me decide on the content to help you. So speak out and let me know.

This is the time of year when I review the goals I set for myself and do a reset for the remainder of the year. For many years I have used the goal planning template that comes in all the iPlanners digital planner. It gives me a birds-eye view of the entire year with plenty of room to realistically distribute what I plan to accomplish.

I use the right side to brain dump and the left to schedule. Each monthly planning session in my digital planner I refer to the goals template and plan out my monthly spread for a birds-eye view of the month and then I break it down even further and refer to the monthly layout to plan out my weekly layouts narrowing things down even further giving me a birds-eye view of my week. This system has worked for me for years (except in 2020 thanks to Covid 🙃 ).

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I’m a graphic designer. I help busy individuals find planner peace so they can enjoy planning and take charge of their schedule.

If you’ve ever experienced frustration having no time to plan, you’re in the right place. I’ve been digital planning for over 10 years.

Using the iPlanner digital planner you will accomplish the goals you set for yourself year after year.